About me

Mashkur Sarwar, an Arab immigrant in New York, was born to a rich businessman in Lebanon in 1974.

Award-winning web design & development professional

Mashkur was hardly 8 years old when the Lebanon War started. His family suffered a lot amidst the intractable war. His childhood became a nightmare, with sounds of firing and bombing and death and misery every day. Mashkur’s father decided to migrate to America and luckily they managed to flee from Lebanon and settle in New York.

Mashkur’s life got a new beginning with his family and in a couple of years, his father managed to set up a small yet profitable business. Mashkur completed his early education and got admission to a Bachelor of Commerce at New York University. He also started helping his dad manage his business in his free time. It was in the early 2000s when Mashkur got exposed to the internet and the world of website development. He got really interested in emerging technology and enrolled in a couple of web development courses. He completed Harvard’s CS50 program which certified him as a web and mobile development professional.

Mashkur started his career in a local agency with Senior Web Developers, Designers, and Project Managers. There he gained experience in supplying themes, plug-ins, and websites to agency clients.  Later he worked as a Senior Web Developer for many top companies. Mashkur is a Senior Web Developer with a tremendous portfolio. He aims to close the technology gap for his business clients and let them explore the digital space for their business growth.

Mashkur Sarwar works with all types of businesses, from small to medium, start-ups, and privately held corporations. The race towards WEB3.0 has given him the flexibility and authority to hand-select his clients. He ensures that all his clients are properly cared for in the fast-paced New York tech business.

10 years down the lane, Mashkur Sarwar decided to fly solo and started his own Web Development Agency MS-WEB. His USP is the reduction in development-launch friction. He started developing games in one week, down from six, while conserving performance, sustainability, and user experience. Every endeavor he has touched or led has benefited him. Responsive web design, full-stack programming, and project management are now his expertise.

Apart from being tech-savvy, Mashkur believes in giving back to his birth town. When Mashkur got wealthy, he contributed to different organizations in Lebanon to help the less fortunate improve their lives. He also set up a vocational institute in Beirut. He loves traveling and spending time with his family.